Traditional Bengkung Belly Binding


At Lowery Birth Services, we are honored to offer belly binding services. Traditionally, this is an Eastern Asian practice, used during the "lying in" period after birth where mothers and babies stay in bed to bond and recover for the first month. Today, this technique is used with slight modification to provide deep healing and support in the most comforting of ways. While there are many benefits to belly binding, some of the most valued are slimming of the ribcage, hips, and abdomen, healing from pelvic/pubic separation, and help correcting the separation of abdominal muscles (also known as diastasis recti). Other benefits include supporting muscles that have been relaxed and stretched through pregnancy, reducing fluid and air retention, prevention of back pain, and decreased postpartum bleeding. The physical benefits to belly binding are plenty, but it's important to remember that your postpartum journey is a spiritual one as well. Belly binding offers an ancient, traditional way of healing that nurtures the mother in many ways. Belly binding can be used for mothers who have had a vaginal or cesarean birth, as well as mothers who have experienced loss at any point in pregnancy. 


Belly Binding Packages

+traditional Bengkung belly binding

+warming paste (optional)

+binding materials

+instructions on re-binding for self or partner

+add on group Hypnobabies class or private Hypnobabies class for a 10% discount

one day binding package- $170  

three day binding package- $260

five day binding package- $350


What Happens During a Belly Binding Session?

While you will receive more details upon booking, let's take some of the mystery out of what happens during a belly binding session. Whether you choose a one day, three day, or five day belly binding package, nearly the same thing happens at each visit. You'll be asked to shower at some point before my arrival, and dress in comfortable clothing. If you choose to have a warming paste, I'll mix it fresh right in front of you while we chat. Once your fresh warming paste is ready to be applied, I'll gently spread it over your belly. This paste promotes healing with natural herbs that offer a comforting warming sensation. I'll cover you with a soft belly panel, and begin the binding process. This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes, to well over an hour. This is a great time to process your birth experience, talk about your postpartum concerns, and take a moment to care for yourself. I'm happy to fix you a hot cup of tea and bring you a snack. This belly binding session is about more than just winding cloth material around you. As a mother of three, and an experienced doula, I know how diverse the postpartum period can be. I'm here to listen and support you however you need it. If desired, I'll show you or your partner how to remove and re-bind using the materials I've provided. Most parents choose the three or five day package, so they don't have to worry about re-binding themselves during those precious first days with their new baby, but one day packages are also a wonderful opportunity to provide care to a postpartum mom. Mothers are encouraged to rest as much as possible while wearing the binding. Moving a lot may cause the bindings themselves to move and they may need minor readjustment. If this sounds like a wonderful recovery tool for you--it is! I try my best to make this tool accessible to all moms, and sustainable for myself. For this reason, I offer flexible payment plans that you can begin during pregnancy to guarantee a smooth recovery post-birth.