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Meet Adara

Hi! I'm Adara Lowery, and I run Lowery Birth Services. I'm a trained postpartum doula, Hypnodoula, and traditional Bengkung belly binder, as well as a certified childbirth educator, and labor doula. I have been practicing in the Hampton Roads area for the past two years, and previously offered my services in Greenville, South Carolina. I serve clients from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach. I love birth and how it empowers women and families in a way few other things can. I have experience in unmedicated births, epidural support, inductions, births using childbirth hypnosis, and more, and I am proud to personalize my services for each and every client, so they receive unwavering support throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. I currently offer belly binding services to pregnant and postpartum mothers. I also teach both group and private Hypnobabies classes. Birth work is my passion and I consider it an honor to be invited on your journey. I hope you'll find peace and joy when choosing to use my services.